Salco 2089

This batch of 6270 pieces, bottled on 23/07/2012 consists for 58% of the 2008 vintage and for 42% of the 2009 one. Two thousandths that the winemaker Michele Manelli found incredible in quite a different way: strong and linear the 2008, deep and romantic the 2009. Hence the search for the perfect blend, with the support of an historical adventure companion such as Paolo Vagaggini and all Salcheto technical team, to reach the perfect tannic texture and feel these souls merge into something superlative.

Salco 2089

Sounds like the “tempo” of Salco 2089




Our mission is to seek quality, both in the vineyard and the cellar, with an unfailing respect for the character of the grapes.

Manual collections, sulfites free vinifications, native yeasts, “Tuscan Governo” method, large “botte” and “tonneaux” barrels are the tools used to get wines that we would like elegant and soft, with pronounced aromas and unique for each vintage released.

Wines predominantly made of Sangiovese, the prince of Tuscany, symbol of the Montepulciano terroir.